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Podbean Patron Subscription includes packages from $1.00 – $1,000.00. All subscription purchases are done through Podbean. Find The Independent Mouth on YOUR favorite platform. The podcast is Available Everywhere!
  • 1 product available in the Store
  • Show Call-Out (Business/Promotion)
  • 1 Social Media Promotion
  • Logo Added to Website alongside partnering sponsors
  • Guest Appearance (Podcast)
  • 10% Google Ad management fee
  • All Shows 30-sec Pre-roll, Mid-Roll, & End-Roll Ad
  • All Shows 20-sec Pre-roll, Mid-Roll, & End-Roll Ad
  • (2) 10-sec Mid-Roll Callouts
  • Website Banner
  • Live Show with Marketing

If you are a business owner or a listener, we have the perfect answer for your listening needs and business! Our Month-To-Month Services provide premiere consulting, digital marketing strategies, and exposure. Press releases are an additional service and are only for existing customers or new customers.

You will receive a receipt for your subscription from The Independent Mouth Podbean Patron Program.


Podbean Patron Subscription



The “FREE” Consultation option is there to help clients and potential customers an option tomato the best decision possible. Asking which package is best for your business DOES NOT affect your “FREE” consultation!

Subscription Packages:

The Subscription packages are managed by the Podbean Patron Program. This will charge your card every month on the same date. If you made a mistake and chose a subscription package instead of a one-time payment option. Please email TheIndependentmouth@gmail.com

One-Time Payments: 

The One-Time payments “The Listener” Podbean Patron Subscription will be processed through the Independent Mouth Store. These are one-time payments only. Most clients will start out with one of these packages and move to a lower or higher package depending on their needs. If you chose the wrong package or you were looking to chose a subscription instead of a one-time payment, Please email TheIndependentmouth@gmail.com

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