Services (Month-To-Month)


The Independent Mouth has the right Services (Month-To-Month) for YOU!

If you are a business owner or a listener, we have the perfect answer for your listening needs and business! Our Month-To-Month Services provide premiere consulting, digital marketing strategies, and exposure. Press releases are an additional service and are only for existing customers or new customers.

  • 1 product available in the Store
  • Show Call-Out (Business/Promotion)
  • 1 Social Media Promotion
  • Logo Added to Website alongside partnering sponsors
  • Guest Appearance (Podcast)
  • 10% Google Ad management fee
  • All Shows 30-sec Pre-roll, Mid-Roll, & End-Roll Ad
  • All Shows 20-sec Pre-roll, Mid-Roll, & End-Roll Ad
  • (2) 10-sec Mid-Roll Callouts
  • Website Banner
  • Live Show with Marketing

Services (Month-To-Month) – Upon all purchases, you will receive a receipt for your purchase from The Independent Mouth.

Necessary Information needed:

Contact Information – Name, Phone#, and Email.
The Independent Mouth thanks everyone for their support. We look forward to satisfying your business and listening needs!

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Services (Month-To-Month)


The “FREE” Consultation option is there to help clients and potential customers which are interested in Services (Month-To-Month).  WE are here to assist you in making the best decision possible.  A simple email asking which package is best for your business DOES NOT affect your “FREE” consultation!

Subscription Packages:

The Subscription packages are managed by the Podbean Patron Program. This will charge your card every month on the same date. If you made a mistake and chose a subscription package instead of a one-time payment option. Please email

One-Time Payments: 

Services (Month-To-Month) – The One-Time payments “The Listener” Podbean Patron Subscription will be processed through the Independent Mouth Store. These are one-time payments only. Most clients will start out with one of these packages and move to a lower or higher package depending on their needs. If you chose the wrong package or you were looking to chose a subscription instead of a one-time payment, Please email

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One-Time (Month-to-month)

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