On Borrowed Time: The Reinvention of a Lost Soul


On Borrowed Time: The Reinvention of a Lost Soul is an epic memoir of a boy given less than forty-eight hours to live. A bold look into the life of a fearless boy fighting for his life as he turns into a man who triumphs in the face of death.

The reader eagerly embarks on a journey filled with mind-boggling twists and turns to a miraculous outcome. The author can carry the reader along, bringing them into his psyche, overcoming battles with addiction, attempted suicide, recovery from heart surgery, sexual abuse, and more.

On Borrowed Time: The Reinvention of a Lost Soul is an uplifting approach to overcoming life’s obstacles without feeling judged. A well-respected member of the game industry, the author, shares his experience on how games influenced and helped save his life.

The author applies wisdom from his life experiences, providing a roadmap for those looking to take back control of their life. The real question is, “When will you notice how much you relate?”

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“On Borrowed Time…” Reviews:

“Anthony has written an amazing memoir. I am so proud of the young boy I knew, who has become this incredible man, who has the courage to tell the story of his difficult and painful journey. His voice rings with honesty and understanding. He was never truly lost, and I hope his next chapter tells us of the help his telling of his story brings to others who need to be reminded to never give up!” — Ellie Spillet.

“This book is like no other. The journey this young man has traversed is an inspiration to readers of all ages. His ability to connect with his audience is outstanding and refreshing!” — Denis Dion Nardone, WVOX 1460AM, “Wake Up Westchester Radio Show.”

“When the author speaks, you can hear a pin drop. This is the most remarkable story I have read in years. It would make a groundbreaking television series” — Jonathan Goldstein, Tarantino Productions.

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“Anthony’s game industry knowledge shows as this book is informative and fun to read. All you have to do is open the book, and it takes you on a ride you can’t experience anywhere else. Written as if I was living in the game, and only when I stopped did I realize I was still on my couch reading his remarkable memoir.” — Andrew V, Razor Edge Games & Former MSNBC staff writer.

“Just finished reading On Borrowed Time, read it straight through and couldn’t put it down. Buckle in, it’s an exciting ride touching all emotions. A great story of triumph in the face of life’s events that could bring anyone into a very dark place. I laughed, cried, what a ride, loved it!!!!!” — Susan T.

“Anthony was a former student of mine and both my wife and I read his book. It is a truthful story of loss and gain. It chronicles the agony of choices made and of the lessons learned in the process. His desire to bear his soul so that others can learn is as admirable as it is inspiring. Again and again, you ask how lightning can strike the same person again and again. It speaks of a saved man, delivered from sickness and pain and circumstances to triumph. This man has a story he has to tell. You will be inspired. I highly recommend this book.” — Bryan Burrell.

About the Author:

Anthony J. Williams III, born in the early 1980s, grew up in New Rochelle, New York. Making him part of a small generational group called “The Xennials” has a unique ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology.

Graduating with a Game Design degree from Full Sail University opened his eyes to a whole new world of engagement. He uses his academic achievement awards in team building and leadership, boosting his connection with people and consulting for many companies worldwide.

Becoming an author is another path traveled. I am currently working on my second book. (Details will be provided)

-Check out other notable successful projects in the public eye.

-The host of ” The Independent Mouth Podcast.

-2 games available on PC and located in the STEAM store – Vectromirror.0 and Vectromirror.

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